Anirudha Rasane

Photography & Videography

About Me

A self-taught, creative, and enthusiastic Photographer, also known as Anirudha Rasane, with over 7 years of experience.
I started my career as a graphic designer, but being interested in photography made me learn about photography, I started out as a freelancer photographer and took on various jobs to gain experience and build a portfolio. During his tenure, I realized my passion for fashion photography, and later I began to pursue the same.

Eventually, hard work pays off! my work has been published in an international magazine like WA INTERNATIONAL of Canada. Apart from this, my achievements can be seen in international fashion photography and videography projects, co-worked with skilled fashion designers.

Successfully handled and delivered projects with Drone, Sony A6300 & Canon 80D Camera, and other types of equipment.


Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Event Photography,
Product Photography, Corporate Photography, Corporate Videography,
Cinematic Videography, Product Videography, Travel Videography,
Short Films/Films Shoots, Commercial Ads, Concept Shoots