Yogesh Suresh Suryavanshi

Photography & Videography

About Me

Hello, I am Yogesh Suresh Suryavanshi. Every assignment I work upon is a passion for me. It is much easier for me to show my determination through work. That’s me..
I became a professional photographer, who believes in capturing the precious moments of life and painting your photographs with one’s own creative mind. Moreover, I take responsibility for the work only after planning and preparing on – How to work on the subject. I assure, from composing to focusing, from family to relatives, me and my camera would be keeping an eye, so as we don’t miss any of your precious moments. Considering the light forecast there, my study is how to get perfection at work in an effective way. It is my word that we will never miss in capturing your long life – Happy faces fit into my frames.

Work & Experience

Photography Business Since 2015

We have been in this photography industry since 2015. We have successfully worked on more than a hundred wedding ceremonies. Since the beginning, providing quality service is on our core agenda. We believe that, it's the reason why our business has continued to grow all over Maharashtra. Apart from photography, We specialize in making wedding films in a cinematic way. Our team is ready anywhere, anytime with the best camera and the latest equipment. Rather than the usual monotonous things, we are committed to deliver it to you in a creative and unique way. We can also make a complete E-event Digitally Live. Every small or big event is equally important to us and the photos we click through, will remind you of that moment for the rest of your life. Let the joy, that is to be celebrated, be cherished through Our Lens.



Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography.
Product Photography, Corporate Photography, Corporate Videography, Cinematic Videography.
Pre-Wedding Videography, Wedding Videography, Product Videography, Travel Videography.
Short Films/Films Shoots, Commercial Ads, Concept Shoots.